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#what a butt 

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Saturn’s hexagonal storm system in it’s north pole


Saturn’s hexagonal storm system in it’s north pole

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Track: Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl
Artist: Broken Social Scene
Album: You Forgot It in People


Park that car, drop that phone,
Sleep on the floor, dream about me


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Ellen Page & Laverne Cox | GLAAD Media Awards 2014

Ellen Page is a tiny gumshoe detective working to expose a ring of corrupt politicians! Laverne Cox is the charismatic club hostess who gives her the inside scoop on all of her cases! Can they put aside their torrid romantic past to secure a statuette full of top-secret microfilm?

Coming this Christmas: TINY DETECTIVE.

I would watch this a million times.

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These classical musicians play their instruments in a way you’ve never seen before.

A rather compelling visual experience, on top of being a flawless musical demonstration, performed by Salut Salon, a charming German quartet from Hamburg. 

Just WOW!!!


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needy sherlock :D


needy sherlock :D